I take your privacy and confidentiality very seriously as it is a very important part of our work
together and the basis for my earning and keeping your trust. Psychologists are bound by law
and by a code of ethics to protect your confidentiality.

All information discussed within sessions and phone conversations is confidential and will not
be disclosed to anyone without your written permission, except when required by law. Please
save confidential topics for sessions or live phone calls to ensure your privacy.

Disclosure may legally be required or permitted if:

•  you have waived your right to confidentiality

•  there is a reasonable suspicion of child, elder, or dependent adult abuse

•  there is a reasonable suspicion that you present an imminent danger to others

•  you are likely to harm yourself unless protective measures are taken

•  I am ordered by a court in the context of a legal proceeding

•  you file a worker’s compensation claim

•  other situations arise where I am legally mandated or required to break confidentiality.

If you become a client of mine, you hold a privilege that prevents me from revealing
confidential information about you in a legal proceeding unless you waive that privilege or
there is a legally-defined exception.

In couples therapy, confidentiality and therapist/client privilege do not apply between  members
of the couple. I will use my clinical judgment regarding revealing information in such cases.

For more about confidentiality, privilege, and other information of interest to consumers of
psychological services, contact the
California Board of Psychology or the American
Psychological Association.
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