Below I provide an overview about what you can expect to find in each of the major sections of
this website.

Your Hero's Journey
I describe the steps of a Hero’s Journey,* a theme you can find throughout stories in history,
folklore, mythology, religious ritual, movies, and theories of psychological development all
around the world. This theme serves as a guide for successful passage through the many
stages of life. Using this theme, I look at your life and see how it has gone thus far and how it
might go in the future.

Relationship Journeys
I focus on how your relationships can be like a Hero's Journey and how an Expert Guide, like
me, can help you along the way. I put special focus on Journeys where your partner does not
want to participate in counseling, men's issues, and the many differences between men and

Therapist Journeys
This section of the website is intended for therapists only, although anyone is welcome. Here, I
address concerns of therapists by offering several services in support of the practice of adult
psychotherapy and relationship counseling. These include: clinical consultation, therapy for
therapists, and testing and assessment of clients.

What to Expect Along the Way
I describe certain aspects of my approach to psychotherapy and things I believe you should
know about therapy. These include: my view of therapy as "caring for the soul," what good
things happen to your brain during therapy, common factors in effective therapy, developing a
"psychotherapy of one's own," and what past clients have said about me.

About Your Expert Guide
I describe my own life in terms of the Hero's Journey. I do this so that you can have an  
example of a real life Hero's Journey. Also, you can get to know what kind of person I am, what
experiences I've had, why I do the work I do, and whether we would work well together.

I list the fees for services when they are paid for directly by you. I also provide extensive
information about using your health care/mental health care insurance. This includes a full list
of the insurance panels in which I participate.

I provide the all the facts you'll need to get in contact with me and to find my office. This
includes address, phone, email, and texting contact information, plus a map and directions.

Trail Mix: Dr. Dan's Blog
This contains a series of short articles describing important aspects of your Life Journey and
my role in it as your Expert Guide. Many articles expand on a theme derived from a particular
motivational quote, such as those seen throughout this website, providing “quick energy” to
keep you going on your Life Journey.

Should you feel like getting started right now, please call me at
Therapist Journey
The usual hero adventure begins with
someone from whom something has been
taken, or who feels there is something
lacking in the normal experience available
or permitted to the members of society.
The person then takes off on a series of
adventures beyond the ordinary, either to
recover what has been lost or to discover
some life-giving elixir. It's usually a cycle, a
coming and a returning.
~ Joseph Campbell


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